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not a jack of all trades, nor a master of one. i prefer just being a lazy bum.
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GunnHacks 5.0 — Augmented reality and orange UIs

I attended GunnHacks 5.0 to test out my programming skills while under a time constraint. Unfortunately, I woke up late and by the time I got to the venue, teams were already made. So as a one person group, I became the designer, programmer, and spokesperson.


The app, written in Java, performs image recognition on molecular diagrams and displays an augmented reality model of the recognized molecule. I used Google’s ARCore and Sceneform SDKs.

It was originally intended to help people visualize 3D molecular geometry while learning chemistry. But I had extra time so I decided to toss some other things in, hence the appearance of a turtle.

My favorite color is orange, therefore I wanted to make an orange themed UI. This design choice was not well recieved. Regardless, my project placed first at the hackathon, which gives me some sort of validation.